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We offer everything from low cost budget audio systems to high speed multimedia systems for people who want the best in their cars.

These days it is difficult to know where to start when it comes to buying your vehicle sound system. There is such a vast array of equipment. This is why we are here to make sure you find what suits your needs and the needs of your vehicle at a price you can afford.

Our highly qualified engineers will come to you and, using the latest technology and equipment, can offer you a great audio system for your car at prices you can afford. Contact us today and see how much we can save you!

We Have It All

If you simply want beter speakers and a CD player we can do this on a surprisingly low budget.
If you're into Hi-Fi and want the sweetest, most revealing sounds from your system you have come to the right place.
If you want Loud & Lairy - we have it!
If you want Big Bad & Basey - we've got that too!

  • CD Auto Changers
  • CD Head Units
  • Amplifiers
  • Cassette Head Units
  • Graphic Equalisers/Crossovers

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Helpful Tips:

  • RDS Tuner - with the number of radio stations on offer seemingly increasing by the day, RDS offers a wide range of extra facilities to ease the ability with which you can retune and manage your radio listening. Station names can be displayed on the radio itself, reducing the need to avert your eyes from the road in front, and national stations retune automatically if you move to a different transmitter area, where the same station is transmitted on another frequency. RDS tuners can also be set to automatically retune if they detect a traffic information broadcast on another frequency - giving you useful advance warning of any potential delays on the roads ahead. The more advanced radios also allow you to select a music style or preferred programme content and then retune to the station most appropriate. In today's traffic conditions, RDS should virtually be considered an essential requirement with any radio, and a top brand unit with RDS capabilities now costs as little as £100.
  • High-Power output - a car is a hostile environment when it comes to reproducing good quality sound, so to provide a clean, enjoyable sound, plenty of undistorted power is needed. For most cars, a figure of 25w per channel should be considered the current minimum when buying a new unit, and the higher 40w, or even 45w per channel offered by many units will allow you to utilise less efficient, but higher sound quality loudspeakers, without placing any strain on the head unit. Less strain on the unit means lower distortion, improved sound clarity, and increased speaker longevity.
  • Face-Off Security - it is a sad fact of life, but any good quality unit once installed into a vehicle instantly becomes a target to thieves. To ensure that your unit remains in safe hands, it is essential to consider face-off security, which allows you to remove the front control panel from your unit, and take it with you whenever you park your vehicle. Face-off security offers a much more convenient alternative to previous systems that required you to remove and then carry the whole unit - often a considerable inconvenience when shopping etc.
  • Insurance cover - thanks to the effectiveness of face-off security, most top manufacturers are now so confident that your radio will not be stolen once the faceplate has been removed, that they offer 12 months' anti-theft insurance. In the unlikely event that your unit, minus its faceplate, is stolen, the manufacturer will provide you with a new unit, subject to their having received an anti-theft registration form, and you still being in possession of the unit's removable face. If you purchase a unit with anti-theft cover, please be sure that any claim can be processed swiftly and without any unneccessary delay or inconvenience.
  • Changer connectivity - whether you're considering a radio-cassette, a CD-tuner, or a mini-disc tuner, it is worthwhile to consider changer connectivity. Even if you do not plan to purchase an external CD or mini-disc changer, ensuring that the unit you purchase has an auxiliary changer input ensures that you can expand the system at a later date without unneccessary expense.

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