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Commercial Vehicle Security UK

Villains who obtain keys cut from a vehicle's petrol filler lock will be unable to access the vehicle if you use the security locks below. Repairs for actual and attempted break-ins could prove expensive.

A typical cost of this repair would be:-

  • New Door £300
  • New Lock £30
  • Paint & Sundries £50
  • Sign Writing £60
  • Labour £120
  • Work time lost ???
  • Value of Goods Stolen ???

Hykee Security Locks

Stainless steel armour replacement security locks may also be used as a slam lock.
Anti screwdriver attack cylinders for all types of door handles.
The Euro Deadlock (Additional Security).

A cost effective solution which not only saves money on expensive repairs, but also enhances the security of your vehicle!
We call these locks 'Our Armour Replacement'.

These locks have been designed especially for vehicles. It is not a modified Camlock!

Replacement or Additional Locks £85 + VAT - (Click for Enquiry Form)

Diablock - The Electro Magnetic Door Bolt
Don't be another statistic!

Diablock has been specifically designed for commercial vehicles. Diablock has been created from intensive research into the continuous need to protect valuable contents of the vehicle as wel as the vehicle itself.

Diablock is able to increase door security of any vehicle, creating a vault-like storage area.

Diablock provides both security and convenience electronically without cosmetically affecting the appearance of the vehicle. By means of an anti-tampering electro magnetic 37mm bolt, it can secure the back and side doors, thus making any attempt to force the door unsuccessful.

Only the operator is able to control the device when and how he/she likes by using a remote control system or manual switching. It is possible to link the system to a remote alarm. In an emergency, it is possible to unlock manually by using an override cable which is only accessible to the user of the vehicle.

Diablock is manufactured in Italy and has been fitted to the DHL delivery vehicles in Italy with great success. It was brought into the UK in 1988 and has been fitted to some major fleet contracts.

We are able to offer full technical back-up and also offer a comprehensive fitting service tailored to suit each individual's security requirements.

2 Door Vehicle £290.00 + VAT
4 Door Vehicle £480.00 + VAT

(Click for Enquiry Form)

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