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DVD Vehicle Navigation UK
(See also Navigation)


In-dash 7” Wide Screen Colour Monitor with RDS
Receiver & CD Changer Control


  • Destination Search & Input
  • 7” Wide Screen LCD Monitor
  • 24 Station Presets (18FM, 4MW/LW)
  • Swivel Monitor for easy viewing
  • Optimised Routing
  • Auto Reroute
  • Manoeuvre List and Simulation
  • Intelligent Map Matching
  • 12-Step Map Scale and Orientation
  • Automatic Intersection Zoom
  • Simplfied GUIDE Mode Navigation
  • Selectable Map Colour
  • Voice Feedback
  • Wiring Check Information
  • Powerful 32-Bit RISC Processor & High-Speed Drive
  • GPS Receiver
  • Compact Gyro-Sensor
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor

The CN-DV2000 combines advanced navigation features with ultra-high quality DVD video playback to make the driving experience not only safer and easier, but also a lot more entertaining.


To take advantage of DVD’s potential, the 32-Bit RISC chip at the heart of Panasonic’s navigation systems is specially designed for processing large volumes of data at high speed. This means that not only is initial route calculation fast, if you stray off course, it will quickly recompute a new route for you. You’ll also appreciate the way it makes information-packed maps scroll so smoothly


Panasonic's system obtains and compares detailed data for your cars path and for the shape of the road on the map. The effectiveness of this system is particularly apparent on narrow roads that have many twists and turns within a short distance. Fine detection of the changing angle of the vehicle on curves further contributes to high precision map matching performance.


To help you keep your eyes on the road, voice feedback in 6 languages provides aural guidance of the route.


The CN-DV2000 can play DVD videos, Video CDs and conventional audio CDs. This means that, when you are not using the navigation disc, your rear seat passengers can watch super-high quality DVD movies on other monitors in the car or enjoy listening to pristine digital audio entertainment.


Panasonic packs a high-precision, compact gyro-sensor and GPS receiver into a completely integrated 1-DIN size unit for easy dashboard installation. Depending on the individual car model, console installation is also possible for easy access to the disc slot.

Total Price Including Installation £2369.00 plus VAT (Click for Enquiry Form)

Roof Mounted Screens

6.8" Wide Screen Monitor with remore control, manual operation.

Installed Price £475.00 plus VAT (Click for Enquiry Form)

7" Wide Screen Monitor with dome lights and infra red headphone sender.

Installed Price £637.00 plus VAT (Click for Enquiry Form)

Head Rest Screen

5” Wide Screen Installed into the head rest (includes trim kit for neat installation)

Installed Price £409.00 plus VAT (Click for Enquiry Form)

Optional Extras

  • Panasonic 8 Disc CD Changer installed price £175 Plus VAT
  • Head Phones - £39 plus VAT

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