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NavTrak Satellite Vehicle Tracking UK

Watching Your Vehicle 24 Hours A Day
NavTrak offers a range of innovative services for drivers designed to protect your car and to reduce the stress and strain of life on the road. NavTrak cannot stop people stealing cars. We cannot reduce the congestion on Britain's roads, but we have developed ways of helping our customers get the better of car thieves and beat the jams. The benefits of NavTrak and the differences between proactive and standard packages are listed below. The prices include installation in your vehicle. We will come to you at home or your place of work for no extra charge. NavTrak is a Thatcham Q listed security device, an endorsement which is recognised by the insurance industry. A NavTrak system could give you substantial savings on your insurance premiums.

Proactive NavTrak

The system automatically sets itself 20 seconds after you switch off you ignition. We will provide you with a special key card that controls our high level security system. When you switch the ignition on again, you will hear a single beep. This is to remind you to touch the sensor with your keycard. De-activation is confirmed by 3 short beeps. If you forget to deactivate the system a reminder bleep will sound for 10 seconds. If the system is not deactivated within 30 seconds of starting the vehicle a silent signal is automatically sent to the NavTrak control centre to alert the advisers of a potential unauthorised movement of your vehicle. An alert does not constitute a confirmed theft. We will track the vehicle and then contact you to tell you where it is. Once you confirm a theft has taken place we will liase with the police to recover your vehicle.

Proactive NavTrak: Initial Price plus VAT: £680.00 (includes 12 months' subscription)
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Standard NavTrak

The standard package will track your vehicle's position the moment you tell them it has been stolen.

Standard NavTrak: Initial Price plus VAT: £594.89 (includes 12 months' subscription)
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Services available to all NavTrak customers Proactive and Standard Packages

Traffic Watch
A unique traffic alert service, which establishes and constantly tracks your position so that we can tell you of any significant traffic problems as they occur on your journey ahead.

If you are lost, or in an unfamiliar area we can find you and give you turn by turn directions to your final destination.

Breakdown & Emergency
If you break down or have an accident, we'll find your exact position and direct emergency or breakdown services to you.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery
In the event of your vehicle being stolen, NavTrak will assist the police to ensure its swift and safe retrieval.

Return & Valet
If the vehicle is undamaged NavTrak will arrange for the vehicle to be valeted and a driver will return it to you free of charge.

Replacement Vehicle Guarantee
In the unlikely event that we cannot recover your stolen vehicle within 6 hours, NavTrak will arrange and pay for a hire vehicle for up to 10 days.

If you want to know your vehicle's whereabouts, just get on the phone. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You call Autotrak, key in the phone number you want the report delivered to, along with your personal pin number. When we have found you vehicle's precise location and status, i.e. parked or moving and the name of the road, a report will be delivered to your phone as a voice message to a land line or an SMS text if you call from your mobile.

Journey Diary
This service records every single journey the vehicle makes and a full report can be delivered by email or fax, ideal if you use your vehicle for business, i.e records for tax returns or claiming back business mileage, or simply to find out where your driver has been. These reports can be obtained weekly or monthly.


What is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth developed to position accurately any GPS receiver anywhere in the world. The NavTrak receiver unit in your vehicle communicates with this system every second to determine its exact location which is stored in the unit's memory.

What is GSM?

GSM is the mobile phone system adopted by over 200 countries around the world. The NavTrak unit in the vehicle uses the GSM network to communicate the vehicle's position (taken from the GPS) to the NavTrak control centre. It does this silently, so there is no indication to a potential thief that the system is operating.

Does it work outside the UK?

GPS works worldwide and GSM operates in 200 countries - including most EU member states. We can locate your vehicle if it is stolen and taken to a country which has adopted GSM. However our full services are currently only available in mainland Britain.

Is there a difference between NavTrak and other tracking systems?

Yes, some homing device systems are only 'switched on' for the purpose of locating a stolen vehicle. This indicates the approximate location of the vehicle, but only when it comes into range of a police vehicle. However, the NavTrak system uses GPS to pinpoint the exact position of a vehicle at street level - whether moving or stationary. It requires no police resources to do this.

Will the unit still work if the car battery gets disconnected?

Yes, the NavTrak system has battery back up which means it can power itself should the car battery become disconnected.

Can I transfer the NavTrak service to my new vehicle?

Yes. Once installed you simply need to return to a trained NavTrak installer, who will charge you for the transfer. There will also be a small administration charge from NavTrak, for amending our records and running our installation test procedures to ensure the equipment is operating correctly.

Will anyone know if a box is installed in my car?

No - the unit is installed in your vehicle covertly. The unit is not visible as it is installed within the body of the vehicle. NavTrak's trained technicians carry out installations whilst the vehicle is parked in a secure, covert location. No livery is attached to the vehicle.

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