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Covert UK - Sunroofs


Put the cruise and fun back into motoring with one of these exhilarating
Sunroofs. Sleek Styling, aerodynamic design and attractive accessories
all designed to give your car a refreshing new feel.


Our versatile range of spoiler sunroofs are designed to compliment your driving enjoyment. The high performance glass greatly reduces UV light and heat penetration while providing complete privacy when closed. Choice of Manual or Electric Tilt and Slide.


  • Integrated self-storing sunscreens for driver and passenger (except Model FS1400 & 910)
  • Integrated solid sliding sunshade (Model FS1400 only)
  • Dark Privacy Glass
  • Bonded glass design with no exterior fasteners
  • Low profile design provides excellent aestethic appearance
  • Constructed of lightweight, high tech polymers
  • Gear and cable drive system for smooth, quiet, and reliable operation
  • Utilises special cam/lock mechanism to ensure water and air tight performance
  • Integrated front air deflector
  • No drain tube installations required to improve installation time and reduce cost
  • Offers large roof opening for maximum air enjoyment
  • Interior trim ring allows for wrap trim and also flex ring application
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Glass Storage Bag (Model 1110 only)
  • Inalfa Sunroofs' "One Touch" Electronic Opening System (Installer Item)
  • FS910 Self-Storing Sunscreens (Grey)

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with the ideal sunroof to suit your vehicle.

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An attractive range of pop-up sunroofs with grey tinted safety glass and a generous 100mm opening operated by easy-to-use, 3-position handle. Includes two self-storing, integrated sunscreens for added comfort to driver and passenger.


  • Available in Five Models. Three Sizes
  • Standard Dark Privacy Glass
  • All models have venting and removable glass
  • Frames constructed of lightweight, high-tech polymers
  • All models have curved leading edge to flow with aesthetic appearance of vehicle
  • Lightweight designs
  • Glass to frame flush fit
  • Integrated self-storing sunscreens (Models FS400, FS520, FS525)
  • Optional self-storing sunscreens (Models FS210, FS700)
  • Various sunshade options available
  • Soft (O.E.M.) hard trim or flex ring interior finishes available
  • All kits equipped with components including sealant to do most styles of installation
  • Special packaging on all kits to reduce potential freight damages
  • Meets or exceeds U.S. FMVSS standards and European TUV standards
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Variollo Sunshade
  • Air Deflector
  • Glass Storage Bag
  • Hard Headliner Trim (Installer Item)
  • Soft Liner (Installer Item)

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Our folding roof family gives you the open-air feeling of a convertible. The roof handle or one-touch switch allows for smooth positioning. Safety is ensured by anti-trip closure and ignition off auto-close. The folding roofs come with a wind deflector and has a 100% sillicone seal to ensure air and water tightness. The vinyl fabric is temperature and scratch resistant.

  • Canvas Top Fabric is made of temperature and scratch resistant vinyl
  • Separate foldable headliner attached to the interior
  • Standard version black with grey headliner
  • Frame material is aluminium to shape with the vehicle's contour
  • Main frame comes with roof seal pre-mounted
  • Canvas top is incorporated with 100% sillicone seal to ensure is airtight and watertight
  • The outside air deflector is standard and pre-mounted to exterior frame
  • Simple bolt installation with push pin style interior trim. All fasteners included
  • Established OEM product
  • TUV approved
  • Easy operation, single handle open and close with locking in any position
  • Grey interior trim and headliner
  • The feel of a convertible for the price of a Spoiler Sunroof

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with the ideal sunroof to suit your vehicle.

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